Speechmaking Responsibilities


As a Colab participant, you are responsible for preparing two speeches: 

  • 1 simultaneous speech with PowerPoint* (20 minutes)
  • 1 consecutive speech (4-7 minutes) – OPTIONAL

*If a PowerPoint doesn’t seem relevant to your simultaneous presentation, you must provide speaking notes. Glossaries are optional, but encouraged. We want to set our colleagues up for success!

Your speeches should be:

  • Delivered in your mother tongue
  • About a topic you are interested in and feel you can speak about competently
  • Realistic and challenging
  • Extemporaneous and not read from a script
  • Written with a specific audience in mind
More on this picking an audience thing. Most of what we do as interpreters is expert to expert communication, so we need to recreate that.

So, for example, let’s say my topic is coffee. I will first pick a specific aspect of coffee: post-harvest processing.

Then, an expert audience: a group of Baristas. Baristas are coffee experts, but often know less about what happens to coffee on the farm.

When you present, you will be asked who your audience is. However, we also suggest that you indicate it on your title slide or in your speaking notes.

For sound advice on developing and delivering speeches, see this DG Interpretation guide on Speechmaking.