Co>lab Crew

Interested in Colab but can’t commit to a full week? Finishing up your training? Interpret in other settings but want to learn about conference work? Not quite ready for the full shebang but would like to lend a hand and see what it’s all about? Join the Colab Crew!

Being a volunteer is a great way to give back or get your feet wet in the Conference Interpreting world for the first time. As a Crew Member you will:

colab crew - daniel katarina
Colab Crew Members Daniel from Brazil and Katharina from Brussels compare consecutive notes.
  • Strengthen your public speaking skills
  • Listen and offer feedback to participants
  • Familiarize yourself with interpreting lab equipment
  • Make friends with established interpreters from across Canada and the world
  • Experiment with note-taking, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
  • Eat, drink and explore with us
  • Play a critical role in making Colab a success!

So you may be asking, “What are my responsibilities as a Crew Member?” We’re glad you asked! We request that Crew Members:

  • Commit to a minimum of two days
  • Deliver presentations or speeches where needed
  • Offer feedback to course participants based on pre-established criteria
  • Generally pitch in with Crew duties where needed (coffee break set-up, photography, errands, answering questions, morning greeters, etc.)

If at some point a booth opens up, Colab Crew Members are welcome and encouraged to jump into a booth for some practice and feedback if so desired, though certainly not required. There is no course fee for Crew Members and the end-of-week celebration lunch is on us!

You’re in? Register for Colab Crew here.