Co>lab Mexico

We’ve been invited back to Mexico for another co>lab session! The feeling is mutual, Mexico. 

Photo Credit: Isadora Mora

This time CM Idiomas will be hosting us in Cuernavaca on the heels of the Lenguas Challenge workshops. Those with Spanish B’s and C’s will be particularly stoked about this co>lab session, but ALL languages are welcome, so long as there is at least two other participants with your A-language. 

What: Peer Practice Intensive
When: January 19-23, 2020
Who: Conference Interpreting Professionals (See FAQ)
Where: Cuernavaca, Mexico
How Much: $480 (co>lab fee) + $65 (lunches) = US$545
*Mexican taxpayers receive an $100 discount

I’m in. Co>lab Cuernavaca me.

Co>laborators play hard and sweet. It’s a week of booth fun, consec rounds, background knowledge, new language combos.

Where to Stay

For this session, we will be kickin’ it retreat-style in Cuernavaca at Hosteria Las Quintas.

Co>laborators can choose their own hotel, airbnb or stay on-site—breakfast, pools, sauna, gym and nature-plant-oxygen-beauty included. Check out the special Lenguas rates and then contact the hotel directly to book.

Read more about what to do in Cuernavaca and how to get there on the Lenguas website.

Arrive a little sooner for Lenguas Challenge

So there’s more. We’ve scheduled co>lab to be the cherry on top of the new Lenguas Challenge workshops to be held January 15-18. This year’s workshop options include:

  • Curso de perfeccionamiento para intérpretes de conferencias
  • Gestión de proyectos desde cero
  • Cómo escapar a la trampa de la traducción literal
  • Simulaciones para intérpretes en servicios de salud

(Full disclosure: the healthcare simulations for indigenous and US/Canada-based interpreters will be coordinated by yours truly and some other talented people.

The indigenous language participants will need sponsorship. If this is your thing, please do co>laborate with some money, honey.)